A Quick Rundown of Attorneys

Shaun H. Ruff

Credentials of a Good Lawyer

A person who deals with legal matters and incorporates abstract law principles and knowledge to solve law cases is a lawyer. The duties of a lawyer vary with legal jurisdictions across the countries in the world. Different names are given to practitioners of law in various nations. Because of this reason, only the general duties can be discussed. Across many countries, the lawyers perform tasks such as those discussed below.

Firstly, verbal presentation of facts for the client in the court of law. A client with law issues hires a lawyer who represents the client in arguing the case following law procedures as stipulated. The lawyer prepares court papers before the commencing of the hearings. This involves putting into writing the overview of the case with detailed information from research and pieces of evidence.

Administrative law requires handling of critical legal challenges and lawyers in some countries, mainly the developed ones, also serve this responsibility. This allows specialization to this field for some of the lawyers. Lawyers also involve in client counseling and intake. The lawyer may need to enter into the personal life of the client to avoid false information about the case. With facts at hand, the lawyer knows how to manipulate the information legally so as to win the case. Hence, there is a need for trust between the client and the lawyer to win the case. With such established relationship, the lawyer can explain the cost of the case.

Giving legal advice is another field facilitated by lawyers. It is achieved by application of principles of law to the client’s case that gives the client directions on what to do. Clients ranges from individuals to firms or organizations. In case of a corporation, the safety of intellectual property is needed. Therefore, it is the role of a lawyer to register trademarks, trade names, industrial designs, and other intellectual property with the government so as to receive legal protection.

A lawyer is needed to confirm transactions through legal means to prevent losses or even theft and to ensure that contracts and negotiations happen as in the agreement.

Conveyancing must be done after successful purchasing of real property. It requires signing of drafted legal documents such as deeds and mortgages during the transfer of property. The process needs an advocate of the law who can be a lawyer or any other person depending on the legislation of the country from where it is performed.

In civil law countries, prosecution and defense of criminal suspects are done by lawyers. Prosecution is done by a prosecutor who may be a lawyer with additional training of prosecution. In some countries, it is not a must that a prosecutor should be a lawyer.

Due to experience from other cases handled, lawyers predicts the possible results of the case at hand.

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