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By Win Salyards, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

This week’s app of the week is an image editing app, Bazaart. I’ve been using Bazaart for a few years now for quick editing photos, creating mockups, or making images to poke fun at my friends. It’s a simple but powerful app that anyone can use, but those trying to build their social media presence should add it to their arsenal.

Bazaart has a free and paid version; like most free versions, there are some limitations. However, the paid app is reasonably priced and has been worth it, in my opinion. The paid version gives you access to their automatic cutout tool, which is shockingly powerful for a mobile app.

My Favorite Features

  • Magically remove the background from any photo with the magic background eraser.
  • Remove unwanted objects and people from any photo using the removal tool with surgical precision.
  • Blend photos and videos for mind-blowing effects
  • Position elements precisely with the nudge tool

Bazaart also has many fun templates tailored to different social media platforms and post styles. In the end, if you’re a social media manager or just someone looking for on-hand photo editing but need more than your standard default editing tools, Bazaart is an excellent option.


Bazaart is $11.99/month or $71.99/year and available on iOS or Android.


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