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Whether you own or manage a small business, Fortune 500 company or multi-location firm, you need to maintain a positive online reputation to establish your thought-leadership brand and gain better online recognition. Online reputation management allows you to do just that.

Reputation management is the practice of safeguarding the online reputation of an individual, company or organization to shape public perception. Internet reputation management ensures online users and search engines find the right materials when they search for your brand online. Ignore your reputation online and you risk falling victim to rumors and misinformation. On the other hand, gain reputation control and you create a wealth of positive, quality materials that reflect your personal brand.




If you do not take steps to manage your reputation properly, it can negatively impact your business. Taking good care of your reputation will ensure your online business remains strong. In order to help you succeed in your career, here are some tips on building a good business reputation.


Appeal to High-Intent Prospects: Customers are constantly evaluating their options. Approximately 97 percent of consumers report that business reviews influence their purchasing decisions. In a similar vein, 95 percent of travelers read online reviews before booking accommodations. Internet reputation management involves review monitoring and reputation management, which allows you to amplify your positive business reviews across online platforms and position them in front of your target audience.


 Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Loyalty: Selling to existing clients is 7-8 times cheaper compared to generating new customers. However, one of the biggest challenges that companies face today is keeping existing customers happy over the long-term. Brand reputation management offers a unique way to promote brand transparency and build trust with your clients. Reputation management agencies leverage both positive and negative online reviews to showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction and build stronger client relationships.


Generate Positive Business Reviews: According to statistics, 92 percent of online users don’t trust a brand without online reviews. What’s more, 23 percent said they have difficulty making a purchase decision when there are no product reviews. A reputation manager ensures your business has a steady flow of verified online reviews to guide your customers’ buying process. A reputation management firm also uses advanced reputation management software to build your review generation strategy and get honest online reviews from satisfied customers.


Attract High-Performing Employees: Your team plays a crucial role in keeping your business alive and thriving. As such, you must ensure employee satisfaction is one of your top priorities. Internet reputation management allows you to measure employee engagement and experience and gather actionable insights to further improve your staff retention and acquisition strategies. Statistics show 70% of applicants would reject a job offer from a company with a negative reputation online. To attract the right candidates and grow your team, you need to invest in a reputation management service focused on your holistic growth.


Boost Your SEO Efforts: SEO reputation management is an excellent way to create awareness about your brand, amplify customer voices online and boost your search rankings. Online reviews make up 15 percent of Google Local Pack ranking factors. By learning how to get more reviews on Google and other review sites, you generate more user-generated content (UGC), which drives qualified traffic and conversions to your landing pages. The best reputation management companies integrate these UGCs to your Google My Business (GMB) profile and other marketing campaigns to showcase your brand’s trustworthiness and improve your click-through rates (CTRs) and Google rankings.


Improve Your Bottom Line: No matter if you own an eCommerce store, multi-location company or a brick-and-mortar business, you need web reputation management to protect your brand image and drum up new business. A recent study found that online reviews increase conversions by 270 percent. Moreover, business reviews ramp up conversion rates of higher-priced products by up to 380 percent. With search engine reputation management, you can build better relationships with your prospects and maximize the multitude of interaction channels to convert them into paying customers.




Reputation management plays a key role in ensuring your company’s success. The most likely thing you do when buying something in the market is ask someone or someone’s. Shopping online follows the same logic. Even if the marketing department of your business tries hard, it won’t be as effective as one hopes if the company has a bad reputation. A solid reputation is what drives growth in a company. You might be surprised to learn that companies’ reputations also shape their market value. It just goes to show how important reputation is. Businesses cannot afford to ignore it.




You need professionals when your building has been burned or damaged by a storm, so you can get your property back to its former condition as quickly as possible. Similarly, if your reputation has been damaged by a negative news story or unflattering review, you should seek professional help to stem the tide of bad press and reverse the situation so that your brand will be able to recover. There are reputation management services that do everything from managing negative reviews to managing positive ones for a huge range of clients every single day.



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