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Wedding Sand Ceremony 101

Soon-to-be-married couples these days are opting for more modern methods of tying the knot such as choosing to have a wedding sand ceremony instead of the conventional unity candle lighting ceremony. If you talk about the candle lighting ceremony, the groom and bride will have their respective candles lit and then will both be lighting their unity pillar candle to symbolize their union as one.

A wedding sand ceremony is no different in concept only that instead of lighting a candle, both the bride and the groom will be using wedding ceremony sand. There are a lot of reasons why more and more couples are thinking of having a wedding sand ceremony not just so they can have a better creative keepsake but also so that they will not have to worry about not being able to light up their candles. During a wedding sand ceremony the groom and the bride will be pouring their respective sand for them to be a creative keepsake for their wedding.

Right after your wedding is finished, you can then have this wedding ceremony sand be put in display that will serve as one of the bottled memories that you have of saying I do to the person that you cherish the most and have decided to spend the rest of your life with.

In addition to the wedding ceremony sand that you will be getting, you will also be receiving three glass vases in your unity sand set, the first two are smaller ones and the last one is the bigger one. The wedding ceremony sand will only be poured by the mothers of the groom and the bride at the start of the wedding into the two small glass tubes and will make sure to set each aside beside the large glass vase. When it comes to wedding ceremony sands, couples have the liberty to be choosing what colors they want to have; oftentimes, they choose the color of their motif or their favorite colors and sometimes, they also make sure to choose white.

What to expect during the wedding sand ceremony

In the beginning of the ceremony, white sand will be prepared by the officiant and will be poured inside the larger vase to means that the groom and bride needs faith to keep their relationship strong. After that, the groom will start pouring a small amount of his own sand into the main glass vase. The groom will then give way to his bride and let the bride pour down as well the colored sand that she has into the main vase.

The bride and groom will then take turns pouring in their colored sand. The unity ceremony will then come to an end when the bride and the groom will be pouring their almost finished colored sand altogether.

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