Why Buy Used Computer Room Equipment and Used Data Center Systems?

Shaun H. Ruff

In today’s stressed economy, more and more companies are discovering the savings that used computer room equipment and used data center systems have to offer. When companies upgrade, downsize or close, they approach dealers that specialize in buying and reselling this hardware. Much of this equipment is sold or leased to new startups or even established companies looking to save a buck. Eye-popping prices for new computer room equipment and used data center systems is enough to drive many cost-conscious businesses to lesser priced used and refurbished hardware.

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Just about everything that is sold, short of consumables and perishables, has an afterlife. Used furniture, cars, houses (of course) and more. We’ve all bought something used at one time or another. Businesses, on the other hand, rarely bought used equipment until the high-tech age began in the 1980s. Now there’s a thriving market in the buying and selling of used computer room equipment and used data center systems; split system air conditioner installation cost, UPS backups, generators and even the raised access floor the equipment sits on).

These days many companies are downsizing or closing and selling off some or all of their relatively new equipment. Used equipment dealers buy it, bring it in for testing (and refurbishing, if necessary). then sell it at less than 50% of its original value. Most dealers will even handle freight and invoice net 30 days. Plus, all equipment comes with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

For used equipment dealers, the money is in the popular major brands of used computer room equipment and used data center systems that are easy to sell and qualify for service. All equipment sold is guaranteed to qualify for the original manufacturer’s maintenance agreement. So what’s to lose? Nothing. The original owner gets value for his used equipment, the new owner saves big bucks and the equipment stays out of our nation’s landfills. It’s a win-win for everybody.

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