Who Civil Litigation Lawyers are and What They Do

Shaun H. Ruff

Civil litigation cases take place in front of a judge in Singapore. If a person or group of people are being sued in civil court, they are generally sued by another person or a group of people. There is almost always an award of money as a result of a civil case. Following all completed filings, litigators meet in court to argue their cases on behalf of their clients.

What Happens When a Civil Litigator is Hired?

Civil cases are not handled in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Since each case is unique, the legal team analyzes the specific set of circumstances and evidence given by their client, as well as information collected from the attorney representing the party at fault. The litigator is then able to construct a solid case in favor of his or her client. The job of the litigator is to present the evidence in a courtroom to support the claims of the client and to receive monetary compensation for damages.

When to Contact a Civil Litigator

When a person is injured due to the neglect of another, litigation lawyers in Singapore should be contacted to help. An injury that falls under civil jurisdiction can be one of numerous acts. One example of these acts would be if a person was involved in a car accident and the other driver was at fault. A civil litigator should be contacted to collect damages for the automobile repair, medical bills and possibly punitive damages. If any person comes to harm through the fault of another, intentional or unintentional, a civil litigator should be contacted for representation.

How to Choose the Best Civil Litigator

A person who has been injured should set up an initial appointment to meet with a litigator and explain the situation. The litigator listens and determines if there is truly a case that can be argued in court. If so, a file is started and information will begin to be collected to build a solid case for the injured. The best litigators will be able to create solutions to help their clients win their cases or successfully settle them.

Trying to reach an agreement, or settlement, with the opposing party is not always an easy task. However, some cases can be settled without entering a courtroom. Whether there is a settlement agreement or a court case, having a knowledgeable civil litigator in your corner will help gain the compensation deserved.

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