What Your Virtual Assistant Can Do to Generate Revenue

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What Your Virtual Assistant Can Do to Generate Revenue

Hiring a virtual assistant can help generate revenue. Any business can benefit greatly from having a virtual assistant on staff. Even though we hear the response, “I wish I could afford a VA, but I can’t,” our reply is always the same: “If a VA could bring in $3,000 in revenue for $1,500 a month (or less), could you really afford it?” The answer is always, YES! 

Using a virtual assistant will help improve visibility for your business and generate income. We explain what this means below:




In the presence of a full sales pipeline, you have the best chance of generating revenue for your business. For identifying sales qualified leads, we love LinkedIn, a powerful platform.

Additionally, there are business directories, Facebook groups, trade associations, and Google business listings where you can find leads. Create a video clip showing how to find the leads you are looking for and then give your VA the job.


As well as these tools, you can prospect using:

  • BuzzSumo can help you create lists of influencers to use in your marketing and promotion.
  • In Hunter.io, you can look for email addresses of key contacts just by typing in the domain name of the company you wish to contact, and it will find any emails associated with that domain.


Your virtual assistant will be more productive and get better results when equipped with the right tools.




Most entrepreneurs create a blog, email newsletter, social media post, and possibly even a video promoting their product or service. Unfortunately, most articles that are published end up in the darkness of the internet or email inbox, never to be seen again. Create email newsletters using your VA to nurture your audience. Transform your newsletters into materials for your social media posts and be more visible on the web.




We find that leveraging podcast audiences is one of the best ways to build a following. It would be great if you could find hosts in your niche and pitch them to be on their shows. 


Example: My VA sends out a script containing ideas we could discuss on their show to add value to their listeners through email from my account. Over 50 podcasts have featured my work this year alone, and I intend to be on 100 by the end of the year.


Our Podcast Pro Tip: Ensure that you can plug something helpful (like a downloadable guide, resource, training, etc.) relating to the topic of discussion. This will help you position yourself as a valuable resource and attract listeners to your network.





An additional proven strategy to hijack the press is to have your VA research your competitors’ publications on Google and start building relationships with the authors by finding out who they have been featured in.

A virtual assistant can be used to generate revenue for your business in a variety of ways. So why not get started today?

MCDA CCG offers Virtual Assistant services. Our virtual assistants love helping our clients redefine what business as usual looks like.  Tell us what you like, what you hate, and what you love and together we’ll develop a customized virtual assistant solution that delegates daily tasks so you can focus on building your business without the unnecessary busyness that is often associated.




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