What is Bhrigu Bindu

Shaun H. Ruff

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Bhrigu Bindu is an imaginary, but incredibly delicate mid-stage of Rahu-Moon axis. When any earth, benefic or malefic such as Rahu & Ketu, for the duration of transit features or conjuncts this stage, some momentous favourable or unfavourable functions normally takes location. This Bindu (stage) is arrived at by incorporating the longituders of the Moon and Rahu (counted from zero diploma of Aries) and then dividing the overall by two. For example if in a natal chart, the Moon is in Taurus at 19 diploma, 47′ and Rahu is in Leo at 29 diploma 27′. Then the Bhrigu stage will be (1-19-forty seven + 4-29-27)/ two = 3- 9- 44′ or 9 levels 44′ in indication Cancer. The lord of the indication occupied by Bhrigu Bindu, generally give great benefits offered it is not weak.

The Moon, Sunshine, Mercury & Venus, for the duration of their cycle will variety two these kinds of benefits, 1 of element (7th) and the other of conjunction. The outer planets, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn will variety four these kinds of benefits per cycle, 3 for features (4th, 7th & 8th by Mars, 5th, 7th & 9th by Jupiter and third & 7th, & tenth by Saturn) and 1 for conjunction in just about every of their typical cycle of 18 months, 12 yrs & 30 yrs respectively. It should really generally Portland Embroidery be remembered that the consequences of transit by conjunction are a lot more strong than those by element. There is some doubt about Rahu & Ketu, but typically it is considered related to those of Jupiter in just about every of their cycle.

A benefic Jupiter for the duration of transit, as referred above, will give favourable benefits these kinds of as development in research, beginning of kids, getting employment/ marriage, promotion in service/ business, maximize in prosperity or success of extended cherished desires. Speedy going benefic planets like Venus, Mercury or Moon, will show compact gain of prosperity/ contentment, conference of buddies/ relations, pilgrimage, rejoicings & festivities etc. Some situations when two or a lot more benefics at the same time element/ conjunct this mid-stage, give increasing magnitude of favourable benefits. Benefic planets & Bhrigu Bindu, if posited in Kendra/ Trikone to just about every other in natal chart, generate great & auspicious benefits.

Saturn, a gradual going earth, for the duration of transit above the Bindu makes unfavourable benefits these kinds of as chronic illness, domestic unhappiness, illness/ separation from loved ones, sudden loss of prosperity or even loss of life etc. Mars has a peculiar liking for blood, mishaps, quarrels and Sunshine acts a separatist or unsatisfied predicaments. Transit of Rahu/ Ketu will cause functions all of a sudden, on a huge scale and from surprising quarters, psychological sufferings/ problems owing to point out actions, or poisonous infection etc. A weak earth when transiting Bhrigu Bindu, generally offers lousy benefits relating to the house it owns. But lords of malefics houses, having minimum energy and having 6th or 8th place in relation to the Bindu, fall short to generate lousy benefits to the house they personal.


There are many delicate factors in a horoscope, transits of planets above which trigger/  show significant functions/ traits in a native’s lifetime. The mother nature of these functions/ traits relies upon on and is modified by several variables. In the preceding chapters we have found how mother nature & energy of planets and their relative place from a reference stage lagna or the Moon indication denotes the benefits/ traits. On the other hand these are modified by thought of Vedha/ Vipreet Vedha, Nakshtra issues, Saptsalakha Chakra and Moorthy Nirnay strategies of use of Bhrigu Bindu. These modifications have been described with the assistance of eleven tables and acceptable examples. On the other hand transit of gradual going planets or retrograde planets are a lot more obvious than of other planets.

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