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If you aren’t familiar with your company’s federal, state, and local regulations, having a full HR department can be a lot to handle. If you are not paying attention, noncompliance can also damage your employees and rack up a lot of financial costs.




When companies fail to comply with HR and employment laws, rules, and regulations, they are putting themselves at risk for potential legal liabilities, especially since employee lawsuits and compensatory awards are on the rise.




HR professionals perform many valuable activities that are associated with the implications of not having them. It is possible that these problems can harm the organization, as well as its employees’ productivity and well-being. Human resources play an important role in a number of scenarios.




  • $1,000 per mistake you make on the Form I-9
  • $500,000 if you aren’t compliant with the Affordable Care Act
  • $55,000 if you don’t follow the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • $100 fine per qualified beneficiary, up to $200 per family if you forget to offer COBRA
  • $1,100 per violation and back pay if you violate the Fair Labor Standards Act by not paying overtime wages
  • $50,000 or more if you get hit with one employment lawsuit 


It’s easy to spend a lot of money on these fines and others if you are not careful. Keep your human resources department in order so that you stay ahead of the game. The law is constantly changing, and compliance investigations are increasing. The savvy business leader realizes that these matters must be handled efficiently before any fines are issued.

You could also see other damaging issues in the future if your human resources department does not have a solid strategy aligned with your company’s goals. It is possible, for instance, to hire employees who are not helpful to your business instead of helping it succeed.

There are many steps involved in staying compliant with federal, state, and local regulations, but it can be boiled down to one piece of advice: using a certified HR consultant will make handling compliance matters simple.

HR audits and operational reviews are the first step. The alignment of Human Resources to the organization’s business strategy and goals is important no matter how big or small the company is. You must first reexamine the way you do things to make this happen.




By utilizing HR consulting services, you can ensure that every aspect of your business is being looked at in a deeper way. This will ensure that you are operating in an efficient, effective, and compliant manner. A HR consultant will examine your HR strategy, company culture, and other aspects of your HR function through the audit process.

Keep up with all the new rules and regulations by working with someone whose job it is to do so, so you can quickly return to running your business. Integrity HR relies on the expertise of its dedicated Human Resources department to help you achieve success.

When you work with MCDA CCG, you get a team of experts standing behind you to ensure that every part of your business is productive, efficient, and compliant. 


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