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What does SEC Services mean and stand for?


As an independent federal agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is responsible for safeguarding investors, ensuring fair and orderly operation of the securities markets, and facilitating development of capital markets in the United States. The Federal Reserve was first established by Congress as a federal securities regulator in 1934. A primary duty of the SEC is to promote disclosure, protect investors from fraudulent and manipulative practices in the market, and monitor corporate takeovers. 


What Are the Biggest parts of SEC?


  • Protect investors
  • Maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets
  • Facilitate capital formation


What Does SEC Cover?


1. Division of Corporation Finance

Among its responsibilities is helping the Securities and Exchange Commission ensure that corporations are disclosing important information to investors. A corporation must comply with regulations that pertain to disclosure when it sells stock. As part of its duties, the Division of Corporation Finance reviews disclosure documents that are filed by corporations on a regular basis. Additionally, it provides interpretation of SEC regulations. The Division also makes recommendations to the SEC regarding new adoption rules.


2. Division of Trading and Markets

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission works with this division to ensure markets are fair, orderly, and efficient. In addition to coordinating the daily activities of the noted market participants, securities firms, stock exchanges, self-regulatory organizations, clearing agencies, transfer agents, credit rating agencies, and companies that process securities information, it also oversees the day-to-day activities of the SEC.


3. Division of Investment Management

In its role as regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Investment Management division supports the protection of investors and the promotion of capital formation. Investment management is regulated by the division. Customers are made aware of the contents of disclosures about investments such as mutual funds and ETFs. Regulation costs are also kept to a minimum through this division.


4. Division of Enforcement

Securities laws are enforced by the Enforcement division. It recommends whether to investigate violations of securities laws. The agency also works closely with law enforcement agencies to solve criminal cases.


5. Division of Economic and Risk Analysis

Investor protection and orderly markets are the duties of this division. Almost all divisions and offices within the Commission interact with the Department of Economic Analysis.



How MCDA CCG Protects You:


  • Supports all aspects of SEC reporting including 10-K and 10-Qs, including drafting financial statements, footnotes, and required disclosures
  • Assists with all aspects of reporting including monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements, footnotes and required disclosures to auditors and lenders
  • Help as liaison with external auditors with respect to SEC filings, including the preparation of tie-out and support binders
  • Work with your staff on Annual Report, 10-K, and Proxy Statement printing and shareholder delivery and proxy solicitation
  • Ensure compliance with GAAP and SEC disclosure rules and regulations, including new rules and regulations resulting from accounting standards updates
  • Conduct research on complex accounting and SEC issues to meet external reporting requirements, including implementation of recently issued accounting pronouncements
  • Determine appropriate accounting treatment for complex transactions, and drafting technical memoranda to support accounting treatment
  • Monitor and gauge the impact of new and upcoming changes in accounting standards on the company at a consolidated level and internationally
  • Update Process Narratives and Risk Control Matrices. Prepare test scripts and execute test procedures as well as remediation procedures. Ensure client compliance with SOX section 302
  • Prepare disclosure checklists




Our reporting managers are efficient and skilled at producing accurate financial statements in a timely manner to satisfy all SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) requirements.


MCDA CCG SEC reporting managers have the experience and expertise in financial reporting for public issuers. Our reporting managers are efficient, and skilled at producing accurate financial statements in a timely manner that will satisfy your SEC requirements. Augment your reporting team with our seasoned staff of financial reporting managers.


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