Wealth, Money, Positive Thoughts And The Law of Attraction

Shaun H. Ruff

It is said that one percent of the country’s population earns around ninety-six percent of the money that is being earned. Why just one percent? It is because this one percent of the population understands the workings of the law of attraction or its scientific term quantum physics. However, we are fortunate that this law and its literature are more accessible today to help you and I break into this exclusive one percent top income earners.

We have seen that hard work alone will not guarantee success in life. Many people are hardworking but their lives are full of hardship, sorrow, and debt. While it is undoubtedly one of the ingredients of success, hardwork on its own will not do it. What determines your success or failure is what you feed your mind with. Feed it with criminal thoughts and you become a criminal. Feed it with creativity and you become an artist. Feed it with thoughts of money and you will manifest it.

Successful people and people who draw wealth into their lives used the law of attraction whether they consciously are aware of it or not. They constantly think of wealth and abundance and will not allow any negative thoughts creep into their mind. Their predominant thoughts are wealth and money and nothing else exists in their minds. These predominant thoughts, and emotions, are what brought wealth into their lives. It is the law of attraction.

We have heard stories of people who have acquired massive wealth and than lost everything they own due to the economic crisis or bad judgment and then rebuild their fortunes and rise above the ashes to become bigger, wealthier and more successful. The reason that these people are able to reverse their misfortunes is that thoughts of wealth, money and success are predominant in their minds. They emit the frequency of wealth that attracts other wealth frequencies in the same wavelength. Like attracts like. On top of that, these people put a lot of feelings and emotions to their thoughts that really drives the manifestation process.

The law of attraction responds to your thoughts, whatever it may be. If wealth and money is your dominant thoughts, than wealth and money it will be for you. Be part of the one percent of the population that earns ninety-six percent of the wealth. After all, the law of attraction is free and is a given tool for every person born into this world. It would be a wasteful journey if you go through life without taking advantage of this powerful energy. Why be poor and miserable when you have the power to determine what you really want in life?

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