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Shaun H. Ruff


Consulting selling is a sales technique in which the salesperson acts as a consultant to determine the customer’s needs. Rather than trying to sell a product, consultative selling focuses on establishing a relationship of trust between the salesperson and the customer. Consultants have been referred to as value-added vendors, need-satisfaction sellers, and professional sellers over the years. They are salespeople who employ consultative selling strategies and are more proficient and productive.

Consultants focus on the consumer rather than their candidates or service offerings, looking for ways to add value to their prospects. An effective salesman does more than just sell a current candidate or service; they engage with each client about their objectives and issues.




Based on the aforementioned elements, it can be determined that the approach of all sales professionals has an impact on the potential customer’s stance. Customers love knowing that their wants, worries, suggestions, difficulties, and so on are heard and not just another selling target. You can increase your chances of seeing your leads turn into successful sales by using the techniques in this article, combined with the skills and experience of the sales team.

Even yet, remember that the most difficult thing of all is to remain authentic from the start of your encounter with the consumer. If you succeed in doing so, you’ll have a better chance of developing a long-term connection with the buyer.




  • Active Listening
  • Probing Questions
  • Pushback
  • Qualify Leads Based on Value




Its focus on value is what ultimately makes consultative selling so powerful and resurging today. Especially for large purchasers, presenting and articulating quantitative business benefits in line with product solutions has become increasingly important. Distribution companies must help their customers understand where this value comes from, and this can often be achieved through effective consultative sales strategies.

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