The Funniest Insurance Claims Stories At any time Advised

Shaun H. Ruff

When insurance businesses built their claims sorts they designed just one quite lethal mistake. They remaining a massive, blank region for motorists, property owners, tourists and everyone else submitting a assert by hand to describe, in their have terms, particularly what took place to cause their accident. These blank spots have specified births to some of the funniest insurance claims tales ever explained to! Here’s a seem at what today’s insurance experts see cross their desks every day:

• When conveying the results in for his accident a driver said, “I was on my way to the doctor’s with rear finish issues when my universal joint gave way, causing me to have an accident.”

• Who claims that center age doesn’t have its negatives? A driver said on his insurance assert kind that they had “been driving [my] car or truck for forty many years when [I] fell asleep at the wheel.”

• “I failed to believe the pace limit applied just after midnight.” Huh?

• “When I noticed I could not steer clear of a collision, I stepped on the gasoline and crashed into the other car or truck.” Why failed to we believe of that?

• A Charlotte law firm, appreciating the benefit of a fantastic cigar, insured his 24 pack of exceptional and costly cigars via his property owners insurance. A thirty day period later, owning pretty happily smoked them all, the male then filed a assert with his insurance enterprise to reimburse him for the cigars. His assert? That they had been lost “in a sequence of tiny fires”, which was additional than included beneath his property owners insurance coverage.

A judge actually dominated in the man’s favor, stating that the insurance enterprise had observed the cigars to be insurable without the need of defining what they deemed to be “unacceptable” fireplace, and compelled the insurer to fork out the male $15,000 in damages. The insurer compensated the assert, then turned all over and had the male arrested for 24 counts of arson. Guess who had the last snicker?

• A driver on his way to get the job done just one early morning said, in pretty an irritated vogue, that he had been on his way to get the job done that early morning when he ran into a bus at the finish of his travel. His clarification? The bus had the audacity to be five minutes early.

• A younger wife, anxious to see her Navy husband again from an extended tour of duty on a submarine, happily traveled to the harbor and parked her car or truck on the finish of the slip wherever the sub was due in. With an inexperienced ensign at the helm the submarine hit the finish of the slip, causing the car or truck to choose an surprising and alarming plunge into the h2o. Needless to say, the cost of a new car or truck was on Uncle Sam!

• A driver said that, when driving via farm country, a bull “need to have been tickled by a fly” simply because it violently gored the man’s car or truck. The problem is, what was the car or truck carrying out in the meantime?

And eventually…

• Only in Louisiana. An insurance claims kind said, plainly and succinctly, that the male needed to money in on his insurance assert simply because “Windshield broke. Result in mysterious. Probably voodoo.”

What were being they wondering?

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