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Managing Conflict Resolution Effectively A business can’t be successful if it is full of conflict. Animosity will mean an atmosphere of distrust and a decrease in productivity. Resolving conflicts quickly can be the difference between failure and success for your business. Each conflict is different, but the way to solve them is the same. The first thing you need to do is set up the scene before negotiations start. There needs to be an atmosphere of respect and cordial behavior. The problem (not individuals) should be the focus of the discussions. Each person needs to feel like they are being listened to. You should take everything people say with thoughtful consideration and not just shut down ideas. Rephrasing what people are saying is a good way to show you are listening and to understand better. You need a lot of information in order to reach a solution. You need to work past the position someone is taking to figure out what they actually need or believe. To find out what their real concerns are, you have to be objective and think from their point of view. You will run into problems if you try to solve too many issues at once. Identify the issue and keep it concise. You need to show that you understand how the situation is affecting the parties involved. People will get defensive if they are met with sentences starting with “you” too often. To claim personal responsibility, try starting sentences with “I” instead. Clarify everyone’s feelings instead of assuming what they are.
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Next you need to make sure everyone is on the same page in regards to what the problem is. You won’t reach a solution if the problem isn’t identified. It is a very important step in conflict resolution to show that everyone knows what the problem is and everyone is essentially working towards the same end goal. A brainstorming session can help everyone to feel like they are part of the solution. Everyone should feel included, so gather as many ideas as you can at the beginning. Don’t throw any ideas out during this stage. Don’t stop to evaluate any of them, just keep adding more. Stopping to think about one specific idea is going to stop people from thinking of new ideas. You should make a list of every idea, and someone besides the person listing them should be in charge of editing them. You should gather as much input as you can get. Even if an idea is silly, it may spark the inspiration that triggers the real solution. Once ideas are gathered and people have said everything they need to, a solution can be met. Making sure everyone feels safe will go a long way to reaching a solution.

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