The Benefits of Marijuana in The Field of Health

Shaun H. Ruff

This one plant is very famous in the world, a plant with the Latin name Cannabis sativa, which this one is not only famous because of the negative effects, but also have very much positive effect

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The benefits of marijuana in the areas of health:


Based on research by Scripts Research Institute, marijuana is known to slow down Alzheimer’s disease that attacks the brain. These results have also been published in the journal Molecular Pharmaceutics.


In a study at Virginia Commonwealth University, researchers found that marijuana can be used to stop epileptic seizures. Even so, a new study conducted in animals and have not been tested on humans.

Healthy lungs

Research in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that cannabis can increase lung capacity. This is contrary to the belief of many people that cannabis can reduce the capacity and ability of the lungs.

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