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                     by Dr Greg Chapman

Due to the high uncertainties in this time of COVID, people are extremely risk adverse about booking anything requiring in person attendance more than a few days in advance, let alone an interstate conference in November. The risk of lockdowns, lockouts, enforced quarantines is just too great.

However, I received this invitation from the Family Business Association that almost eliminates the risk for attendees.

We launched The Family Business Conference 2021 at the end of June and we are incredibly excited to bring the family business community back together in November on the Gold Coast.

However, with the current uncertainty that is taking place across Australia, we want to make sure you can book with confidence and that our cancellation policy is transparent.

In the event that The Family Business Conference 2021 is unable to take place due to force majeure, all registration fees paid will be refunded in full.
Furthermore, if you are unable to attend the event due to COVID-19 related restrictions, or state border closures, you will be eligible for a full refund of registration fees paid.

We have also been in contact with RACV Royal Pines Resort and we’re pleased to share that if you are unable to attend due to border closures or Government restrictions, your accommodation rates will be refunded in full.

The FBA is offering a full fee refund and have also negotiated with the accommodation supplier for refunds as well. Some airlines also offer full refunds (while others offer a voucher).

The key is to negotiate with all suppliers Covid for refunds, and people will be far more willing to register, comforted that they won’t be left, literally stranded. In the end, suppliers know, that like you, without offering refunds, they won’t be hired by organisers who will look for competitors that do.

What if there is a lockdown in November? If they can move the Olympics a year, you should be able to move your event, having recovered upfront costs that you have previously negotiated with your suppliers. Not a good outcome for anyone, but we’re all in the same boat.

May Your Business Be –As You Plan it!

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