Tasks to Send Off to Your Virtual Assistant

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Tasks to Send Off to Your Virtual Assistant

“Why should I hire a Virtual Assistant?”  There are tasks to send off to your virtual assistant, it’s just knowing which. This is a question people ask when their businesses have grown to a point where they are too busy to think about how to grow them. Despite the importance of routine tasks, they take up the bulk of your working day. Many successful business owners have used virtual assistants and never looked back. You may have even probably explored the idea of hiring a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant will lighten your workload and reduce the amount of work you have to get done. 



In general, virtual assistants are capable of completing a variety of tasks, and if they are trained correctly and given proper instructions, they will likely exceed expectations.




Are you struggling to maintain a social media presence? A virtual assistant can help. In order to avoid unforeseen mistakes, it is helpful to outsource this particular task to a VA with experience in social media management. In addition, it would be a great idea to provide guidelines to your personal assistant on what they can share, what they can say, and the overall tone of your company.

You could always ask your VA to carry out the social media research for you if you prefer to be hands-on. You will find articles that are of interest to you, discover potential collaborations, and remain informed about your competitors.




As a business owner, I know it can be difficult to coordinate schedules; especially when you have to put other tasks on hold. When you can have a skilled VA handle all that tedium for you, why go through the humdrum? It is possible they like it even more than you do. The VA can assist in scheduling client meetings and coordinating sales meetings and any other details involved in planning an event. Having a virtual assistant on your side is definitely a good idea.




If you are going to delegate tasks to your VA, you may want to consider another approach. Your company may need to give out handwritten thank-you notes or Christmas cards to its employees. The part about ensuring your business stays afloat can either be handled by your VA or you, depending on whether this will interfere with your other tasks. 

Your VA can help you send flowers or gifts, if you’d like that done. What makes this proposition so appealing and frequently overlooked is that a VA will often conduct these tasks in a thorough manner considering all their resources and time will be dedicated to it. 




An increase in business correspondence will be accompanied by a spike in spam. You might be able to enlist your VA’s help in managing your mail before or after the process starts. It could be a perfect fit for a VA since the job can be done remotely. By providing clear guidelines to your VA, you will be able to devote your attention to more important issues. 




As you go through insurmountable combinations of raw data to understand how your business is doing, remember this point. A VA who specializes in this particular skill can probably help you through this process faster than an internal employee. When there is a lot of data to go through, it can be helpful to have an objective third party review it. This task might seem appealing to have your staff handle, but you may be better off using a VA instead.




Do more research, more research, more research. What are aspiring entrepreneurs or established companies without a marketing strategy? A virtual assistant can study potential customers for your business or products in other industries that might be relevant to yours. Information gathering is an activity that VAs is able to approach in a very flexible way. It’s likely that a virtual assistant will have contacts, depending on the relationship you build or establish before outsourcing work to them.




If you plan to launch a business blog, consider hiring a talented VA to handle the content creation. Despite the fact that established corporations have blogs that provide content regularly, this marketing method has proven to be quite timeless.

PRO TIP: You won’t risk losing quality by outsourcing work to a single VA. However, you can always find another VA if you are dissatisfied.




  •   Proofreading, editing, blog posts and adding appropriate tags and research


Creating content is hard, as we’ve discussed already. Research and application are as important as writing. You can either give the VA strict guidelines or outsource the entire concept behind a post.

Writing posts, yourself may be possible, but it takes a lot of time. When your team’s tasks start to overlap, give them a virtual assistant.




If numbers aren’t your thing, a VA can manage your finances. Most business owners don’t want to spend time reading spreadsheets at the end of a long, hard day. Unless you like reading spreadsheets. No judgment here.

You could give a VA the budgeting or the purchasing responsibility; whichever you are not comfortable with. No matter which option you choose, always remember that you can give VAs this task in the case that you need it.




If your staff fails to accommodate clients living in another timezone, you’re missing out on a lot of business opportunities. The VA will do this for you, but there is no need for me to hire one. Everything you need is already in place. Rather than explaining why it’s a good idea, I’ll just explain why it’s a smart one.

Answering relatively similar questions is often a common part of customer service. Here, you don’t need a world-changing genius but simply someone who has been told what to say or do should a specific question be raised. Your newly appointed VA could deal with client concerns far more effectively if you brief her regularly, and if she has some experience working within your business. As compared to in-house staff that are overwhelmed with other responsibilities and are simply too tired to solve an issue effectively. This should never be an issue.





Additionally, a VA will allow you to cover other time zones since they work from home – if that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is. Here at MCDA CCG we offer Virtual Assistant programs based around your own unique needs.


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