Tankless Water Heaters Vs Tank Water Heater

Shaun H. Ruff

So let’s think about this. You have an old water heater and you are tired of waiting for cold water or you just want to look into another option and go with the new technology which is a tankless water heaters. There are a lot of options. Two most popular brands are Rinnai and Noritz. They both heat water on demand unlike tank water heater that heats water 24/7.

It is not cheap to install a tankless considering that the units themself are kind of pricy, so you really need to think about it first. Installation can start from $2400 and most likely your new gas line will have to be sized. Most licensed plumbers can do that, however you will want to call a plumber that is certified to install and service. Your heater will have to be serviced every 1-2 years. That would include flushing the unit with biodegradable heat exchanger fluid, remove and clean fan assembly, blow the unit with a compressor, check venting and overall operation of the unit.

Compared to a tank, tankless are smaller in size and they can be mounted anywhere, inside and outside. Tankless water heaters can not only save you space, but also water. Tank water heaters heat water non stop and after several years the tank becomes rusty inside and that is basically the water you are using. Tankless hot water system are extremely durable and very well designed. They require the servicing as mentioned above every 1-2 years. Right now you can receive federal tax credit of up to $300. Tankless don’t have a limited supply of hot water like the tank water heaters so you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water. They also will display a flashing error codes.

Most of the time they need to be serviced. Other times it can be for improper gas pressure or improper combustion air. Keep in mind that the permit will have to be pulled, and patching and electrician most likely won’t be included in a plumbing estimate. you can go to the manufacturers website. Make sure to ask them questions and make sure to check their license. After all you will be paying and you want to make sure the job goes smooth and that the city license is pulled. The city inspector will have to come by your house and inspect the job. If everything was installed properly you will be good to go.

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