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Tired of constantly being blocked from tracking or reading mentions from top articles because you’ve reached your free limit for the day?


In an ever-growing digital news industry, it’s critical for media professionals to have the ability to track media mentions from top online news sources. However, trying to access various paywalled sources can be a troublesome task since many of the world’s top media companies have monetized their content. Critical Mention’s Licensed Content offering makes it incredibly simple for media pros to track and measure mentions within worldwide news sources and industry trade journals. 

With Critical Mention’s Licensed Content, you can easily track and access top paywalled content and avoid signing up for multiple subscriptions just to track your brand or your competitors. Being able to access all paywalled content mentions through one log-in instead of dozens will save you a tremendous amount of time, especially after saving your mention keyword(s) with Critical Mention’s easy-to-navigate Search feature.  

Additional Licensed Content features include the ability to create real-time or digest alerts, down to the day and minute, specifying when you’d like to receive mention alerts. Instead of individually searching for all your mentions, let us do the digging in real-time and we’ll deliver it right to your inbox whenever it’s convenient for you. Critical Mention’s Earned Media Suite also allows users to analyze audience reach and share-of-voice values, as well as website metrics through Google Analytics. Users can create reports and share them with colleagues and clients via email, PDF, Slack and more.

licensed-contentNot only is paywalled content an issue for the many communications professionals trying to track their earned media, it is also a roadblock for PR pros trying to send pitches to authors at top tier outlets. Licensed Content allows users to break that barrier, and Critical Mention’s Media Contact Database can serve as a great tool alongside it, given that users can both have access to the paywalled content and effortlessly get contact information of top media professionals, journalists, bloggers and more within seconds.

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