Remarketing, A Glance at a New System for a New Generation of Marketing Masters

Shaun H. Ruff

Remarketing is a fascinating new area to explore in the world of online marketing. While search engine optimization has seemed to be flipped over in any and all directions and Google keyword design has settled into a nice place of relative complacency, remarketing is a whole new area to explore. Remarketing has been around for a while now, but only recently has it been boosted in polarity and relevance. It is a natural response to the many visitors who click in and click away, but could still merit some interest later on.

So, what is remarketing? Remarketing is pulled from the idea of marketing again to customers that have already shown some interest but are not connected to the brand. A perfect example is a visitor who visits a few pages on a website and leaves it without a purchase or share. The customer was, for all intents and purposes, marketed to in the first place. It is what draw them to the page. But, they can be marketed to again and specifically targeted as a sub-demographic of visitors who came once and could return again.

Remarketing in 2017 largely involves targeted adverts and banner ads to draw visitors back based on their previous views. The advert will essentially read user cookies. A remarketing campaign means looking at ad streams and targeting to people that have visited the website in the past. It is a large part of Facebook’s success. Facebook users will see sponsored ads for things they find eerily familiar. This is because they clicked on that specific product or brand in the recent past. They are staring down the aftereffects of a smart and target-based remarketing effort.

Remarketing is seen as a little dirty, especially in the web world. It relies on “reading” user data, and many find this a step over the line. This is why remarketing has to be done subtly and reasonably. Australian marketing agencies can help pull this off. Remarketing is evolving in enthralling new directions. The strategy has the potential to become a new major arc of online marketing, and one that is only now being realized.

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