QR Codes In Video Games: How Do They Revolutionize Today’s Gaming Experience?

Shaun H. Ruff

The video game industry in 2021 has accumulated a total of 60 billion dollars in revenue according to the NPD Group’s report. This gives a significant 8% rise from its 2020 revenue of 55.9 billion dollars of revenue. 

QR codes are one of the factors that play an important role in the video game industry’s revenue increase. 

Since they are widely used in advertising today, video game companies take the opportunity to boost their presence and revenue online by using a QR code generator online. 

Here are useful ways that video game companies can use QR codes to improve their popularity and excite gamers online. 

1. Add in-game video clips for mystery detective games

Suppose a company offers a detective game where players have to solve a murder case by taking note of the statements of the non-player characters (NPCs) involved.

They can then add a video QR code that will route players to each NPCs backstory, making it easier for players to keep track.

2. Portal for mobile app downloads

Some video games come with mobile versions, and developers can use a QR code to encourage more people to download their mobile app.

What’s great about a QR code for mobile app download is that it can connect a user to their smartphone’s supported app marketplace: Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS.

3. QR code for physical game cartridges or CDs

Video game companies can attach QR codes in their physical cartridges or CDs that will route buyers to a reward or in-game freebie. 

4. QR code for a free trial gameplay

QR codes can function as a portal that will lead users to a free trial version of a video game. This can help in creating buzz and hype for a game to be launched.

5. QR code for game soundtracks

Aside from the game graphics and compelling stories a game offers, some gamers live for the soundtracks used in the game. 

Using QR codes, video game companies can link gamers to a playlist that features all the tracks used in the game.

Advantages of using QR codes in video games

1. Boost game playability

QR codes simplify many complicated tasks in real life. Since games often contain real-life simulations, its use can help boost game playability. 

Whether gaming companies want to incorporate scanning QR codes as part of the quest or as an accessory to the gameplay frame, creating them is now made easier using a QR code generator online. 

Using one, they can create custom designed QR codes that matches their game’s color palette.

2. Create a simple information transfer

Using QR codes in video games allows gamers to have convenient access to more information about the game they are currently playing.

3. Brings campaign participation results in real-time

Every gaming season, video game companies run an advertising campaign about their latest game character skins, soundtrack, or any other relevant update.

QR codes can provide useful campaign performance results in real-time using its scan analytics portal. 

Video game companies today use QR codes in their latest merch releases and gameplay updates. This method works well in upgrading their marketing strategies.

If you are a gaming company that thinks about boosting your online presence and reach more players, you can easily use QR codes to add a cool new marketing campaign that will surely catch your target audience’s attention.

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