Personal Grants For Veterans

Shaun H. Ruff

Being an American soldier means lot of respect, and honor but at the same time disgusting too, as every part of their life is on a razor’s edge, never knowing when their time would come and they have to sacrifice their hearths and homes and even their lives.

Many soldiers lost their limbs during recent wars and were sent home, forging them from their right to see dreams to render themselves their place in the seniority level of the armed forces. This situation created a great trauma in their lives causing hindrance in their path of getting back to their feet and starting a new life afresh. Moreover, facing deep social stigma is also quite unbearable inflicting much deeper wounds to their already wounded souls.

But thanks to United States Government who is not leaving any stone unturned to heal their wounds, as among their various programs are also the programs to grant financial relief to them. These are nonetheless in the form of personal grants, which these veterans can make avail of to start their life. There are several grants available for them with the most popular among them are the housing grants.

 As many of the soldiers don’t have any place to stay once they get back from their duty, these grants would be very fruitful and preposterous proposition for them. There are two kinds of grants need to be made available to provide help to the disabled veterans and help them in the access to the attainment of housing and special requirements. The first one is Specially Adapting Housing Grant (SAH) and secondly Special Housing Adaptation Grant (SHA).

Any veteran having suffered or suffering from service related permanency or complete disability can avail maximum of around 50,000 dollars under SAH but they have to meet following criteria or conditions like the loss or disability to the extreme, or suffering from blindness in both eyes, or having minute perception towards light or loss of any lower part of the body and basically the use of lower part of extremity along with many other disabilities which can prevent movement.

In the second category SHA, the maximum amount a disabled veteran can avail is of the maximum 10,000 dollars and with the veterans having blindness in both the eyes and 5/200 visual acuity or less or the loss of both hands.

It is said that veterans who have got the approval for the SAH can also provide your eligibility area for Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance and recently its VA’s Specially Adapted Housing Grants are available but are provided after the completion of VA Form 29-8636, Application for Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance but Veterans should get approval for an SAH grant before they could apply for VMLI.

Moreover these veterans should meet requirements like he must have served within the precinct of any branch of the armed forces of the United States on or after 16th September 1940.

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