Now Offering Virtual Assistant Programs

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Now Offering Virtual Assistant Programs

Virtual Assistant Programs are on the rise. MCDA CCG has been flooded with requests for Virtual Assistant demands and inquiries. You asked, so we listened! We are now offering Virtual Assistant programs with some of the top US based talent for your next VA!

When deciding how to augment your business, you may be confused between a full-time virtual assistant and a virtual assistant team. A full-time assistant may dedicate his services to your business, but employing a team provides you with far more advantages.




Your virtual assistant team must have a minimum of three assistants available to manage company tasks. In this way, you can gain access to a variety of specializations and skills simultaneously rather than relying on a single assistant who may only possess a limited variety of skills.

Our VA team has more skills and specialties, so we can accomplish more tasks for you. You should also take into consideration that one assistant is enough to take care of your backups. How will you handle the situation when the assistant takes an unavoidable break?

Cross training is provided to members of the VA team. In this way, if an employee is absent on a given day, another employee will be able to handle his/her duties immediately. How does it work? Tasks complete clockwise, which keeps your business running smoothly. As well, the VA team always has a leader assigned to distribute the tasks, releasing you from that tedious task. 




Outsourcing to virtual teams has multiple advantages, including having access to various skills and knowing there will always be someone available when needed.




By outsourcing to virtual teams, companies are able to take advantage of the lower-cost labor pools of the service providers. You can acquire the skills you need for your company from them not only at a very affordable price but also at a very convenient location.

In addition, it takes financial resources to bring an employee team together, such as office space, infrastructure, medical facilities, office supplies, employee benefits, etc others. 

As It is not only financial resources but also the cost of office space, infrastructure, medical facilities, office supplies, employee benefits, etc. that are necessary to assemble a physical team of employees.




You will eventually have to complete large-scale, time-consuming, tedious, and full-sized projects as your business grows. Your business cannot meet looming deadlines without the help of a VA team.

If your company is working with a VA team on a large project, you can customize the number of hours of assistance and the number of assistants required depending on the size of the project.




Obtaining a VA team is an excellent option for business owners who wish their business to run smoothly while they are able to sleep peacefully through the night. When you’re not working, the VA team has assistants working during some or most of the hours you’re away.

In other words, you will be twice as productive, you will organize your emails, you will schedule your appointments on time, and you will have all the research ready for your project.




When it comes to in-house staffing, hiring and firing are the most challenging parts. Numerous factors are taken into account, including recruiting costs, training of new employees who may prove incorrect in the future, and so on.

Virtual teams give you the freedom to downsize or grow in size according to the needs of your business and add to the services you provide to suit the growth of the business.




The heart of a business is its customer support. Recent social media proliferation has accelerated the possibility that a single negative review by a customer can do severe damage to your business.

Because of this, it is important to provide stellar customer service to generate more revenue and drive customer loyalty. It is at this point that you can benefit from a virtual team. Your business success relies on fulfilling your customers’ needs whenever and however they turn to you.

Every business day, your customers will be delighted to contact you via email, live chat, inbound and outbound calls handled by virtual assistants. Your business suffers the greatest damage if you ignore your customers, their queries, and concerns.

An active support team working in a variety of time zones, on the other hand, will allow for maximum coverage and greater customer satisfaction. In today’s economy, virtual assistance works particularly well for industries that rely heavily on customer service for profitability. Events planners, retails, beverage and food companies, financial services, technology companies, etc. are among them.

Managing your remote team effectively isn’t as difficult as you may think.




Good communication with clear channels is crucial for managing your remote team effectively. An important characteristic of a main point of contact is that the team will know what has to be done and how it has to be done.

Creating a clear channel that facilitates the distribution of information, the transmission of simple questions, and the discussion of follow-up questions is essential. Your team’s tasks must remain clear and without any ambiguity.


  • Face-to-face meetings can be arranged with Zoom using video conferencing. Having clear communication between all team members will increase productivity since the physical distance between them is minimized.
  • With the advent of virtual teams, communication tools such as Slack are allowing teams to remain synchronized across multiple platforms. It’s easy to manage teams of all sizes with this cloud-based solution where you can send clear messages, hold discussions, keep track of attendance, and so on.




Effective management of a virtual team requires delegation. First make sure your team members are trained and are familiar with their standard operating procedures (SOP). In any aspect of a business, whether sales or administration, it is necessary to organize minutia in order for the rest of the process to operate correctly.


You need to make sure that all members of your virtual team understand the processes you have in place and that they can follow them easily. Before bringing in a virtual team, you should outline a clear business system. As opposed to having to wade through confusion and vague structures, they will have an easier time navigating a clear path.




In addition to measuring employee performance, KPIs can allow you to evaluate the business objectives your employees have achieved. In order to assess the health and performance of your business, you need to set effective KPIs that match your working model.

By providing them with clear goals and objectives of your business, KPIs set a standard of performance for virtual teams. The targets you have set for them become more meaningful and they become more aware of their responsibility.

As you are collecting KPIs as metrics, you are also able to monitor the performance of the virtual assistants over time. By the end of that period, you will be better prepared to make correct business decisions and amend business strategies if any team member fails to fulfill his designated duties.




Business organizations would benefit much more from virtual teams than they would from a single full-time virtual assistant. Virtual teams provide two key benefits for businesses, namely increased productivity and coverage.

At MCDA CCG we work hard and know firsthand how hard it is to do it all yourself.  Hustle culture takes the joy out of pretty much anything these days and business leaders across the board are exhausted.  We recently launched our virtual assistant services to help our clients achieve their personal version of work/life balance.  Our progressive and future-focused hiring model prioritizes sustainability and empowers business owners like you to source proven remote talent and reclaim valuable time.

MCDA CCG virtual assistants love helping our clients redefine what business as usual looks like.  Tell us what you like, what you hate, and what you love and together we’ll develop a customized virtual assistant solution that delegates daily tasks so you can focus on building your business without the unnecessary busyness that is often associated.


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