My highlights from the B2B Ignite USA 2022 conference

Shaun H. Ruff


Don’t separate brand-building from demand generation

Day two opened with a fireside chat with Sarah Kennedy, VP at Google cloud, on a topic very close to my heart, which I’ve spoken about numerous times – balancing brand building and demand generation. If you’re not connecting your B2B brand building and demand generation activities, you’re missing the opportunity to build engagement, recognition, and, ultimately, pipeline.

If you can’t connect on an emotional level with the pain, your customer is feeling you’re in the wrong job. The power, the beauty, and impact of your work will be limited if you can’t find that connection” – Sarah Google Cloud

The trend towards moving to more Agile marketing

In response to challenges with executive engagement, sales, and product integration, Marketing teams are adopting agile practices to increase organizational alignment, establish a faster pace of delivery, and boost ROI. In addition, brands needed to pivot to an agile digital channel strategy that meets customer needs as they unfold or risk losing relevance in an already tight marketplace.

Further fueled by the popularity of account-based marketing, agile has taken off as a facilitator for marketing teams to bring together specialists in integrated teams across organizations to power growth at every stage of the customer journey.

This is a trend we are seeing with a lot of our clients. We are actively supporting them in their journey to move towards more agile campaigning, ensuring we’re constantly prioritizing campaign activity around what’s working based on results, aligning our teams around outcomes, not outputs, and driving greater accountability to the business (and sales) through delivering not just MQL’s but SQLs. So get in touch if you want to learn more about this.

The continued divide between marketing and sales

Bringing together your human and digital channels is still not something most enterprise organizations do successfully. When digital communications are not joined up with inside sales/BDR support, it leads to either a missed opportunity to progress a digital lead more effectively through human intervention or marketing generating MQL’s but the leads aren’t going anywhere, eroding credibility with sales.

And finally, and probably the worst outcome – is that the customer experience is disconnected as they’ve got marketing lead generation and sales outreach not happening in harmony, ultimately leading to unimpressed prospects.


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