Let businesses buy the Rays tickets to fill the stands

Shaun H. Ruff

Businesses, help fill the Trop stands

Rays, let’s get fans in Trop at any price | Column, Sept. 5

Sports columnist John Romano suggests that the Rays slash ticket prices for their last home stand to put fans in the stands. I suggest instead that the area’s 10 largest companies take on that burden. For instance, game 1 against the Tigers could be presented by Raymond James, game 2 by Publix, game 3 by Wellcare Health Plans and so on until we get the home stand covered. They’d all purchase 30,000 tickets and make them available for free to any of us who wants one. Sure, it would cost them a few dollars but nothing that would seriously affect their bottom line or their CEOs’ salaries and stock options. What a unique opportunity for the Tampa Bay business community to show us how much they really care about this wonderful place in the sun. Size matters (Morgan & Morgan, game 4), and 35,000 would not only make a lot of noise, but certainly also buy the required number of hotdogs and beers. All of this shouldn’t be too difficult to get organized (a couple of phone calls here and there) and would bring much happiness to a community that has been challenged in more ways than it bargained for.

Frans van Haaren, St. Petersburg

Try eminent domain

Shifting responsibility | Sept. 7

It is not surprising or unexpected that officials were unable to get 100 percent of condo owners to comply with the request for voluntary easement waivers for beach renourishment for the Sand Key Beach Renourishment Project. Unfortunately, not even half the number needed have agreed so far. With everyone involved sounding very defeated right now, I do have to wonder whatever happened to eminent domain? Since the Army Corps of Engineers requires these waivers before replenishing the beaches — and keeping a lid on erosion benefits the general public — I say go for it. That is what eminent domain is all about.

L.J. Phillips, Brooksville

Afghanistan, meet Texas

Taliban stop planes of evacuees | Sept. 6

What do Afghanistan and Texas have in common? They both have a recent history of restricting women’s rights. Both are on a trajectory to restrict rights among women that in modern times have increasingly been expanded, including the right to choose. Will Florida be next?

Bruce Shephard, Tampa

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