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How To Prevent Injury From Window Wells

Basement window wells, when exposed can be a danger to anyone who passes them. If the well is left uncovered, animals can fall into it and get trapped while children who does not know that there is a window well can fall into it and get injured.

To prevent humans and animals falling into the window well and get injured, there are safety measures that you can do to avoid this. One of the simplest way to prevent any injuries from happening is to cover the window well. Before we discuss on how to prevent injuries, we first need to know the five risks that comes with an exposed basement window wells.

Animals, adults and children can accidentally fall and may be injured or trapped.

While attempting to escape, animals can damage and windows and screen in your window well.

If you have an uncovered window well, any debris and leaves can fill it up.

For an unsecured and open window will, it can be an entry point for any burglar to enter your home.

During winter or rainy season, if the widow well is uncovered it can leak into your basement and could potentially cause water damage and that would be a huge problem.

All of us know the risks when leaving our window well exposed, but still many homeowners continue to leave their window wells exposed. Pre made well covers are often used by homeowners to these problem. Pre made window well cover may help in some ways, but in reality it does not solve the problem at all. Most of these homeowners simply found these pre made window well cover at a store and most often it needs to be replaced, does not fit properly, unattractive and hard to maintain. A lot of window well covers are built with open fabrication, thus it would still allow rain and debris as well as snow.

Now that we have already discuss the risks of having your window well exposed and why some homeowners choose not to cover their window well now we can discuss the preventive ways as well as the solutions to avoid injuries and exposed wells.

The only solution that could answer this problem is to have a customized window well cover made. A customized window well cover can be attached securely without any gaps or overlaps.

Having a window well cover installed, it will not only help avoid any injuries to your family members but it will also prevent most of the risks that was mentioned above in this article. If you cover your window well, there is a very slim chance that any animals and child will be trapped in it. Covering our window well will also prevent any animals damaging your windows and screen.
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