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Today, you may find yourself facing challenges that can lead to inefficient operations, employee churn, and lost production, all of which adversely impact your bottom line.

It’s likely that you have already realized how large a project CRM is, regardless of whether your company is implementing one or already has one. If not handled correctly, various aspects of choosing a CRM platform can fall short, from selecting which platform best suits your needs to encouraging employee adoption. You can get a good ROI and smooth implementation of your CRM by hiring CRM consultants.


What does a CRM Consultant Do?


Customers’ relationships are improved by CRM consultants. You might also meet with vendors, suggest technology changes, or troubleshoot technical issues. In addition to having experience in CRM, a CRM consultant should be well-versed in current technology. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are examples of CRM software. 


They help companies to identify customer service needs, including training employees on best practices and implementing new customer relationship management software. By collecting data and conducting research, they develop solutions for companies. The CRM consultant collects relevant data, makes recommendations, and then conducts training to help companies meet their business objectives. These suggestions may include new software, marketing procedures, or other initiatives for improving customer service.


Providing CRM consulting services also involves gathering data, reviewing software recommendations, and communicating ideas effectively to employees. The company’s customer service and outreach efforts are enhanced by collecting detailed information. Ensure that customer relationships are maintained by implementing new policies that ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 


Already Have a CRM Software Solution?


If you already have an CRM software solution that you like or have a contract with, our consultants can perform a Fit-Gap Analysis to help you determine if and where any challenges, functionality gaps, or bottlenecks lie. If you’re currently happy with your CRM tools, we offer a wide range of innovative customization and optimization services that can allow you to leverage your existing applications in new, powerful ways.


Currently Engaged in a CRM System Implementation?


Are you already engaged in a CRM system implementation project and wondering if you’re getting the value that you expected? Numerous projects have cost overruns and take longer than expected. If this sounds like how your project is progressing, we can help you get back on track by establishing a recovery plan to realize your anticipated benefits. Our consultants assess the current state of the project, provide recommendations for leading execution, and deploy implementation best practices to help turn your project around.


 How to Boost Your CRM System


  • CRM evaluation, assessment and roadmap creation
  • CRM planning and implementation
  • CRM project recovery/optimization
  • CRM client team support when another software integrator is in place


Does Any of The Below Describe Your Current Scenario Challenge? 


  • Systems are disconnected and information is siloed
  • Reporting is complicated and provides insufficient information
  • Too expensive to upgrade, maintain and scale legacy systems
  • Disparate systems that do not communicate
  • Processes that must be run (manually, or at a scheduled time) each day to update your system
  • Inefficient business processes
  • Lack of communication
  • Financial reporting challenges
  • Inaccurate project estimates
  • Inventory Challenges
  • Stock shortages
  • Employees need/desire to work remotely

If you answered yes to some of these points, it’s time to reach out to a CRM Expert Consultant.




You shouldn’t have to worry about how the logistics of implementing a new CRM platform will impact your business. MCDA CCG is uniquely equipped to provide your team with the personalized consulting and training necessary to both evaluate and take full advantage of your software solution.


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