How to Make Your Paycheck Stretch A Little Further

Shaun H. Ruff

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How to Make Your Paycheck Stretch A Little Further Maybe you had a financial emergency that depleted your rainy day fund. Maybe the bills just piled up when you weren’t looking. Whatever your reasons for being a little broke this month, here are a few suggestions for making your money stretch as far as possible. Clip Coupons Gone are the days when you had to shuffle to the cash register with a pile of paper cuttings. Today’s coupons are largely digital, and you can download an app or scan your rewards card at the checkout to wirelessly claim your coupons. It’s much less troublesome than it used to be to get a few dollars off your laundry detergent. Budget Everything How much can you afford to spend on food? If you have an exact dollar amount, you’ll be less tempted to splurge on an overpriced coffee order when you can calculate its percentage of your overall budget. How much are you paying in late fees for your various bills? If you can figure out a schedule and start paying on time, that’s a small fortune going back into your bank account every month. Consider a Check Advance If you just don’t have enough money to get through the week, you might benefit from check advance Mississippi. You’ll want to read the fine print before you sign anything, but if your financial situation is truly dire, it might be the best option for surviving until your next pay day. Track Your Expenses Last but certainly not least, you should be checking your bank balance every day. This is the only way to stay on top of your finances without suffering any surprises. Make a note of every outgoing dollar, and figure out ways that you can lower that number without sacrificing your quality of life. If you’re one of the millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet, these are just a few tips for making your paycheck last as long as you can. There’s no shame in not being a millionaire. You just have to figure out your finances to the best of your abilities.

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