How to Get Wealthy After Age 40

Shaun H. Ruff

It a great possibility you can get wealthy if you are almost 40, at age 40 or older. Many people miss out on experiencing the joy in life, because they have a bad habit of following the traditions and beliefs among public opinion within our society. They become followers rather than leaders. They never allow themselves to be who they are, a vibrantly unique soul. Therefore, this is why we have a troubled society, many people who have given up are mostly those who have reached a specific age and feel life is over. They see younger generations getting rich at the age they were not taught about being wealthy. They see younger generations knowing about certain prosperous innovations they are yet trying to learn. This really hurts and causes division among certain age groups. A great percentage of people age 40 and over become bitter and angry, because they lack financial freedom and so they just continue to work for other people without realizing they still have the capabilities to succeed and achieve anything they want out of life. One important thing for people to realize as they turn 40, life expands as long as we allow it to expand and it can expand into infinite wealth, without a doubt.

You will be surprised how many men and women believe that they can never obtain wealth, because they have reached and unacceptable age according to society. The percentage of people who have negative beliefs is very high. These are the particular people who think this way: men and women with grown children who have struggled to send their children to college, grandparents who have always worked on a minimum wage job and frequently see younger generations with higher paying careers, blacks and Latinos who have always lived their lives based on their race or surrounding conditions, people who were incarcerated and happen to get out of prison at a late age, single mothers who had to raise children alone without the help of their husband or boyfriend, people who have had a hard time achieving their education and never get a college degree and there are many other groups of people who have a bad habit of thinking they are incapable of becoming wealthy at age 40 or older.

There have been many people over 40 who thought going back to school was something to make them feel complete and then unfortunately, they still never obtained wealth. If you have a motive to get wealth, then go for it. Do not allow people to make feel like you have to spend many years getting an education to get wealth.

No matter what gender, race, age or background, you can have wealth. If you think about it, many people who have a particular mindset of being cynical are those who eventually end up in the cemetery with unfulfilled dreams. This is the very reason people must realize they can achieve financial freedom. Believe it or not, there are millionaires who were high school and college drop-outs and they are yet enjoying wealth. You may asked, ‘what did they do to get wealth without a diploma or a degree?’ The answer is so simple, they did whatever they loved to do and allowed their creativity to flourish. One of the main laws of this universe is never to give up on your potential in life.

Finally, how does one obtain wealth at 40 or over? What is your passion? If you have something you loved to do, this maybe how you will acquire wealth; never start doing something just because people say there is a lot of money to be made. You have to like what you are doing. First, there are some very important choices to make. You must get rid of the usual crowd you hang out with. Many times, you may not acquire wealth, because it is simply who you accompany yourself with. The minds of people can be very powerful and however they think and speak may negatively affect you. So, if your friends, acquaintances or even relatives do not have a vision, you must still be friendly, but stop wasting all your time with them. Also remember, when you tell people your vision, they may discourage you, because they may not have any sort of goal in life. I do not care how close you have been to these people, you must disconnect yourself. Your life at 40 or over is precious, so keep it that way, protect it.

Next, what do you think you would be good at? If you are very creative, then you can spend a lot of time preparing and publicizing your innovations. For instance, many people have acquired wealth from enjoying their hobbies like creating artistic designs of all sorts. The saying is very true, whatever you enjoy, you can make a lot of money at it. Many people give up, because many envious critics like those over auditions (i.e., American Idol), college professors or any sort of contest have humiliatingly judged one’s talent in front of others. This can hurt very bad. So, by age 40, people are tired of the same old ridicule and they just give up on life. If you can beat and ignore these demons that talk out of people, you can do whatever you want to do. Tell me, what is it? Fashion design? Singing? Writing stories or painting beautiful pictures. There has been so much talent lost, all because of cruel words of envious critics and foes.

Next, be very persistent when you let people know about what you have to sale. This is how you wealth will come to you, because if you know you are good, this is all that matters. Let as many people know you and your innovation exist. Your wealth is in your hands, but because you possibly keep it in a dusty closet or on an old disc (for many years) nobody can discover your creativity, so you will not ever make a dime. You have to let people know about your gift. The more people see or hear your creative piece, the more you will be known, wealth will be no problem. As a rule to obtain wealth, pay no attention to people who may not say nice things about your talent. There will be as much people who will love your creations as those who claim they do not and many times, the ones who claim they do not, are the ones who really do, they just wish they were as gifted as you are.

Next, many people say they could never publicize their talent, because they have no money and contest and talent shows are the only way. This is never true. This is the worst mistake and this is very detrimental to you acquiring your wealth. Remember, you must remember you are the ultimate judge of your talent. If you have tried to learn all you can and people have yet humiliatingly criticized your creation and/or talent, then it is time to take power into your own hands, because you know for yourself it will get you where you need to be, wealthy. Make a wise decision to sell your product on the internet, making it known through social media (i.e. You Tube, Digg, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Squidoo and many others), this is how you can start publicizing your talent. Through social media, it will not cost you anything, all it will cost is time, diligence and your 

In conclusion, if you are almost 40 years old, 40 years old or older, your life is just beginning and wealth is in your hands, if you believe it. All you have to do first is to believe it, then follow the steps in this particular article, then possibly, you may obtain wealth, but do not leave faith out of your life. If you include faith, you will obtain wealth, no doubt.

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