How a Real Estate Accountant Helps a Company Manage all the Financial Aspects?

Shaun H. Ruff

A real estate accountant comes up with financial tactics and makes reports for real estate developers and property owners. They are included in several property related activities such as tax reporting, and budget, planning and investment. In order to become an accounting expert, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field along with a license is required.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar, a well-known financial controller and consultant has been into realty accounting and financial services with PL Acquisition. She states that since real estate accounting is a hectic and a challenging job, it needs the qualifications of an accountant who makes things easier for the complicated financial details to be understood by the client companies. Plans and philosophies are similar like any other business firm where accounting records are kept along with the annual financial transactions. In real estate accounting, a detailed track of the ledger books, the balance sheets, debited and credited transactions and other monetary details are focused on. A thorough study of the financial details is done by the accounting specialists and these are correctly stored for the future use in the accounting procedures. The genuineness of the financial records is preserved by the accountants, including details related to practicalities, upkeep and management of your business.

Real estate accounting requires careful, tiresome, and difficult task on the part of the accountant and the individual also requires lots of extensive knowledge about the whole thing to do the work effectively. Some of the things that a real estate accounting professional does are listed below:

  • Assists clients or employers in making financial records and various reports for real estate transactions. These include property sales, leases, time sharing and rentals.
  • Deals with operational costs, profits and development expenses. Other reports such as expenditure and revenue cycle reports, cash basis income statements, lease abstracts and other reports associated with budget
  • Provides assistance with investment analysis and planning
  • Prepares budgets, performs expense settlement activities and provides monthly detailed reports
  • Assists in numerous aspects of commercial accounting management which include activities such as financing, disposition, and acquisition

Apart from all these responsibilities, accountants also work diligently with real estate managers when it comes to handling and developing budgets. They also participate in the planning and preparation of several documents such as cost estimates, lease and rental agreements and annual reports.

Now if you are planning to hire a real estate accounting professional, make sure that you hire only after conducting a proper background study about the individual’s capabilities and credentials. The professional must be able to look after every aspect of the business. Real estate accounting has been undertaken by many business owners operating in this industry and they have been vastly helped as a result.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar is a financial executive, accountant, and investment expert from the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. She has been a part of several well-known establishments and at present she works as an independent consultant.

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