Garage Spring Repairs Can Cause Serious Safety Concerns

Shaun H. Ruff

Garage spring repairs in Calgary can save you a lot of money. Unfortunately, there is no golden rule when it comes to garage-spring installation and maintenance. If you notice any strange noises or if your garage suddenly feels unstable, you must make an appointment with a garage repair professional as soon as possible. Garage springs play an essential role in the operation of your garage doors. Without them, your garage would become a precarious place.

Some common signs indicate that the garage springs are either not working correctly or are broken. Check out these problems with your garage door systems to identify potential issues with your garage springs:

Broken Door Spring

If you have experienced a sudden drop in your garage doors’ noise level, the chances are that you may have had a spring problem. To determine whether the door spring snapped or if it is just the doors themselves, which need some tweaking, apply pressure to both doors simultaneously. If you feel a slight push and pull, then it is most likely the door spring snapped. However, if you feel no pressure or resistance, then the doors are okay, and it is just the springs that need to be repaired. Garage door spring repairs in Calgary can also help you decide if only the springs need to be fixed or the entire door spring snapped.


If there is a severe risk that the garage door spring repairs in Calgary could end up causing injury, you should get them fixed immediately. Springs are hazardous when they snap because of the high tension that they are exposed to. They are connected to substantial weight levels, which cause them to be very heavy. Over time, this results in them bending until they break. In the worst-case scenario, this can result in the doors coming crashing down as they fall on top of anyone standing below.

Safety First

Even though springs cannot pose a threat on their own, it is always best to have them repaired or replaced before they pose a danger to any person. For this reason, never allow the garage door spring repairs in Calgary to proceed if you do not feel safe for yourself. As much as possible, do not let anyone else into the house, especially those who do not know what they are doing. Also, ensure that the repairman does not tamper with any part of the door while working.

Before getting garage spring repairs in Calgary, you should always make sure you have every detail covered. It is better to think about a reliable torsion spring replacement than to be sorry about the safety issue. Even though it might cost you more, every overhead door replacement is more beneficial in the long run, so it is definitely worth the extra money.

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