Differences in Search Agencies in Tampa

Shaun H. Ruff

Recruiting agencies vary greatly in services, areas of practice, capabilities, and success. It is essential for business owners to select one that can suit the needs of the company and will remain within budget. It is wise to review options before a position becomes vacant to expedite the process when the need arises.

Position Levels

Some search agencies in tampa will find candidates for all positions, from entry level to top executive leadership roles. It is more common to find agencies that focus on either entry level and junior management positions, or middle management and key positions. The two categories require different skills.

Entry level positions require candidates to have minimal skills, very little experience, and no education past a high school diploma. Basic questions are asked, a background check is conducted, and drug screening may be needed per client request. Government jobs will often require a basic physical examination as well, such as Department of Transportation (DOT) employees.

Middle management and executive positions require specialized experience, a college degree, and a proven track record of success. An executive who has bankrupted two previous companies, for example, will not be suitable for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position. Questions have to be designed to indicate leadership skills, extensive knowledge of expectations, and the capability to handle the stress and challenges of the job.

Practice Areas

Agencies that specialize in entry levels will usually provide several workers at a time in most industries. Higher level agencies will have specific practice areas on which they focus. The purpose is to have recruiters understand the unique duties and responsibilities of a certain industry. Some agencies actually hire recruiters with previous experience in the field.

Insurance, media advertising, distribution, and the automotive industry are examples of practice areas. The success and retention rates tend to be higher with agencies that specialize in industries. Explore the possibilities to discover an agency that realizes the demands of the field.

Added Value Services

Experienced agencies will offer helpful services in addition to recruiting for vacancies. Developing a total compensation package that will attract top talent is one added service that is offered. Recruiters have practical experience in current trends in salaries, benefits, and perks presented to candidates by the competition.

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