Deferred Lease – Debits and Credits

Shaun H. Ruff

Deferred Lease

What is it?

The most straightforward way to have an understanding of deferred lease is to think of an case in point. Let’s say you started out a business and the to start with detail you did was indication a five-12 months lease for business area. In an hard work to indication you as a tenant, the landlord (aka “lessor”) offers you lower lease payments in the to start with 12 months that “escalate” (i.e. go up) as the several years progress. To keep it very simple, let’s say the lease plan is this:

Year 1: $1,000 / month = $twelve,000 / 12 months
Year two: $1,250 / month = $15,000 / 12 months
Year three: $1,500 / month = $18,000 / 12 months
Year 4: $1,750 / month = $21,000 / 12 months
Year 5: $two,000 / month = $24,000 / 12 months

These quantities represent the real funds that you will be paying out just about every month. When scheduling the journal entries for this, this will be the credit rating (both to funds or a payable). The dilemma is what is the debit?

ASC part 840-twenty-25-1 states the pursuing:

Lease shall be charged to cost by lessees (described as revenue by lessors) over the lease time period as it gets payable (receivable). If rental payments are not created on a straight-line foundation, rental cost nevertheless shall be recognized on a straight-line foundation until a different systematic and rational foundation is far more consultant of the time sample in which use profit is derived from the leased property, in which case that foundation shall be utilized.

You see, the FASB needs that rental cost be “recognized on a straight-line foundation.” This suggests that the similar volume of cost have to be recognized just about every month, no matter of the real lease payment through the month. Let’s calculate our every month lease cost.

From the table earlier mentioned, we can simply compute that the complete lease paid out over the study course of the lease is $ninety,000. ($12k +$15k + $18k + $21k + $24k). This figure, divided by the complete months in the lease (sixty), presents us out straight-line lease cost:

Total Lease / Total Periods = Straight-Line Lease Price for each period of time

$ninety,000 / sixty months = $1,500 / month = $18,000 for each 12 months.

We now have the debit in our journal entry.

With a debit to cost for a person volume and a credit rating to funds for a different volume, the plug goes to deferred lease. Based on the payment plan, deferred lease can both be an asset or a legal responsibility.

In the case of a lease with escalating payments just about every 12 months, as in our case in point, deferred lease is a legal responsibility. The legal responsibility stability builds by way of the to start with two several years when the cost exceeds the funds payments, ranges off through 12 months three when these quantities are equivalent, and then drops down to zero over the study course of the final two several years when lease cost is considerably less than the lease payments. The journal entries for just about every 12 months are as follows:

Journal Entries – Year 1

Dr. Lease cost 1,500
Cr. Deferred lease 500
Cr. Hard cash 1,000

Journal Entries – Year two

Dr. Lease cost 1,500
Cr. Deferred lease 250
Cr. Hard cash 1,250

Journal Entries – Year three

Dr. Lease cost 1,500
Cr. Hard cash 1,500

Journal Entries – Year 4

Dr. Lease cost 1,500
Dr. Deferred lease 250
Cr. Hard cash 1,750

Journal Entries – Year 5

Dr. Lease cost 1,500
Dr. Deferred lease 500
Cr. Hard cash 1,750

Below is the every month deferred lease legal responsibility stability over the study course of the lease:

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