Characteristics Of A Quality And Good Personal Trainer

Shaun H. Ruff

Many people these days look to achieve a healthy lifestyle, loose weight or to train for a specific event. In most cases hiring a DC personal trainer is a good idea as they can help you to stay focused and motivated to achieve your goals. You can hire a personal trainer privately or through your DC gym depending on what you want to achieve.

There are many people out there who will market themselves as a personal trainer, however a good DC personal trainer should be trained and certified by a nationally recognized body to ensure they can train you safely and effectively. If you hire someone through a DC gym then chances are their certificates will have been checked and approved, however if you hire someone privately you will need to do this yourself.

A personal trainer is someone who can help you to achieve your fitness goals, whilst advising you on lifestyle changes and supporting you through a pre-determined program. If you hire someone privately then they will most likely work with you to design a tailor made fitness program to achieve your goals. Most gyms on the other hand will provide programs for groups of clients, whilst also offering a one-on-one service.

What a DC personal trainer should be able to do is teach you how to exercise safely and properly so you do not injure or damage yourself. They will provide motivation and support, as well as guidance and advice when things get tough. Knowing what you want to achieve from your personal training plan is an important first step and will help your trainer to design a suitable program for you. If you attend regular sessions at a DC gym then the personal trainer may look to tailor the sessions to your fitness level and requirements or even recommend a different program better suited to you.

When looking for a personal trainer you need to consider the following before hiring anyone:

  • Qualifications/certification from a reputable body. Degree level education is not always necessary however the better qualified they are the better service they will provide

  • Up to date first aid and CPR certificates. It is important that a DC personal trainer can handle any emergency whether they work privately or through a DC gym.

  • Experience with various training requirements such as marathon training or body building. You need to hire someone who has experience with the goals you wish to achieve.

  • Specific knowledge of any medical or special needs you may have. Your doctor may be able to refer you to someone who has the necessary experience to deal with your needs.

  • Is good at listening, easy to work with and will give you their full attention.

  • Will provide regular feedback and progress reports on how you are doing and make any necessary changes to your training program.
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