Can You Justify the Expense of Outsourcing Sales?

Shaun H. Ruff


Can You Justify the Expense of Outsourcing Sales?

You may have some trepidation about outsourcing your company’s sales function – and that’s completely understandable. You probably have been handling everything on your own so far, even if you want professional assistance. It’s not uncommon to feel worried about bringing another person into the equation – and it’s normal to do so. In order to build a successful business, you must do what’s right for your company no matter what your role is. The purpose of this post is to discuss the benefits of sales outsourcing.




An outsourced sales force is a company that represents your interests. The benefit of this is that you’re able to grow your revenues without having to hire new sales representatives. MCDA CCG handles the entire sales process; all you have to do is hire us.

Outsourcing saves money, this much is clear. In the early 1980s, companies began outsourcing their most important operations to other offshore service providers to reduce their overall cost in development.

Outsourcing can save you money, but how do you figure out how much? What is the best way to justify the cost?




Whenever you consider the costs of sales outsourcing, it is hard not to feel a twinge of guilt. 

Certainly, if you sacrifice your time to outsource SDRs, your company could save money on outsourcing, but what other money would you give up? It makes sense to outsource sales to highly skilled contractors who can dedicate their efforts to that project, while you focus on projects that will bring in more revenue. The bottom line is that you’ll pay upfront for sales outsourcing but make back money that you weren’t aware you were losing.




As an entrepreneur, you may have several roles to cover in your small business. The brain is constantly switching tasks even though most people believe they can multitask. You may be trying to perform several tasks simultaneously, but in reality, you are just switching between them and taking 40 percent longer to finish both than if you focused entirely on one. Invest in sales development reps to handle tasks you simply cannot do on your own.





Your business owner friends, and family will often talk to you about what investments your company needs to make. There are also risks associated with these costs since you have to spend the money before you will see any return. The good news is that you will grow and progress once you do.

A high ROI can be obtained from sales outsourcing. You may feel hesitant now, but you will be able to make this decision with ease and without any hassle in the coming months. Because of the return on investment, the extra income you’re earning while concentrating on your job, and the time you’ve gained to investigate other projects, you won’t want to go back.




Cost-savings can be achieved through outsourcing. Classic Informatics provides customer-centric solutions for web development, IT services, product engineering, app development, and much more. Along with reducing costs, it also enables you to improve your operations while maintaining undivided focus on scaling your startup. 

Developing products and solutions that meet the needs of Startups, SMEs, SMBs & Large Organizations, including project management, documentation, development, testing & growth for startups. Our startup services help startups conceive, develop, and grow their products.  


By partnering with MCDA CCG, you can gain a competitive advantage and save money. Some of our clients have even done the same. 


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