Business owners near Field Club neighborhood raise concerns over traffic dangers

Shaun H. Ruff


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Business owners sandwiched between the Hanscom Park neighborhood and Field Club are concerned about traffic moving too fast in the area.

They say there have been too many accidents from 32nd Avenue to 36th Avenue and they’re blaming speed and want it to slow down.

Center Street is wide with five lanes, the wide street can bring customers to the growing number of businesses that run for about a block. The street can also believe the wide street is the reason for high speed and accidents.

“I’ve been here less than a year and that’s three that I’ve experienced in just six months.”

Milt Schneider opened the Hispanic Art Center of Omaha near 35th and Center a few months ago. One of the crashes he talked about came up right to his front door.

“We had an accident here about three months ago where a car ran the intersection at 35th went out into Center Street t-boned a young mom and her daughter and that car spun out and came through the front doors of the building, that’s why it’s boarded up front they’re replacing those now,” said Schneider.

Amelia Rosser owns Sheelytown Market next door to Milt. She’s been in this location for about a year and a half. She’s also witnessed car crashes in the area.

“A number of these accidents like Sheelytown staff we stopped what we were doing and ran out to assist and that’s really scary we’re not prepared for that,” said Rosser.

Some business owners would like to see lane reductions on this part of Center Street to help slow traffic. Traffic lanes in the Blackstone area were reduced after a couple of serious accidents in the area, Amelia would like to see something like this along her section of Center Street.

“It would be reducing the lanes of traffic to one lane each direction and a turn lane in the middle and that would allow for the lanes to be a little bit wider and maybe parking on the side of the road and a bike lane.”

Most of the traffic we witnessed traveled at normal speeds but there were a few that ran through hot and Milt points out this wide street can be dangerous at times, but it also has some advantages.

“As a business owner, I appreciate having the bigger street and the ease of use for my building but also as a business owner I have a concern of the safety of my employees and my customers.”

City council member Danny Begley did meet with some field club residents about their concerns. The councilman requested a study from city officials.

Public Works determined another traffic signal in the area is not necessary at this time.

Councilman Begley has requested extra police attention in the area. Begley says they will continue to monitor and review the area.

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