Avoiding 4 deadly mistakes in silver trading

Shaun H. Ruff

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Metal trading has become more like obsession for many retail traders. Active investors in the investment industry show their interest in trading metal because of the strong trending character. By trading with the trends, they can anticipate winning most of the trades perfectly. To be on the safe side in trading, the investor must know to examine the key metrics and take the position without making the common errors. 

In this article, the four dangerous mistakes that investors make in silver trading will be discussed. By following the guidelines in this article, the investor can anticipate winning. However, you need to be prepared to face some losing trades at regular intervals.

Ignoring the trend

Some traders actually give priority to the market trend. However, without giving any priority to the market trend, it would be difficult to make some profit. Most of the retail investors do not examine the daily and the weekly trend. These are the time frame that tells the person about the key trend. So, if a trader avoid these periods, he will significantly lose money. Being a new Aussie trader, you do not have to rely on fancy instruments to build a perfect trading approach by plying efficient techniques. With the help of the trend line tool, you can take the trade and make some good profit from this market. Always try to trade with the key trend, as precious metals like silver tends to prefer the trend traders.

Avoid the importance of brokers

For protecting the deposit and stay on the safe side in trading, you need to trade with discipline. Controlling the risk factors is not a difficult task. However, when it comes to making the selection of the broker, it becomes a big problem as investors do not have any idea how to get a good broker. A good broker will always support the investor to find the appropriate signal in the market. Remember, trading metal is all about finding quality trade signals.

A professional broker always gives you the best platform on which to examine the details. When you take trades in silver market, it is crucial to focus on the quality of the platform. Without getting access to an accurate price feed it is tough to do the proper market analysis. For that, we recommend the retail traders to trade with premium broker Saxo Bank. With the help of their advanced platform, you can execute high quality trades without having any major problems.

Leverage of the account

As a currency trader, you must manage the leverage systematically. Trading with excessive leverage, will create many and you will become emotional. Emotions can be fatal for retail investors. If you take a close look at the losing orders, you will find excessive leverage in the trading account has acted as a prime catalyst. A high leverage account imposes high risk and can force you to lose a large amount of capital. To be on the safe side, traders need use a low leverage account and trade the market with calculated risk.

Ignoring the news data

If an investor gets involved in metal trading, there is no need to take the position during the news. News trading is very deadly and it can be responsible for a big loss for the retail investors. For staying peacefully, you need to know the influence of the major news on the price of precious metals. By knowing the influence of the news, you will get the rare chance to ride the trend in the most volatile state. Investors normally focus more on technical functions. However, to earn money, they need to give priority both to technical and basic factors. After finding the perfect balance, they can trade the market while maintaining their discipline. 

By educating yourself properly, you can blend technical and fundamental data. It will reinforce your decision making ability and help you to execute quality trades. Most importantly, you will feel confident in your actions while dealing with precious metals.


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