Attracting and Retaining High End Clients for Your Law Firm

Shaun H. Ruff

In many businesses, about 80% of the revenues come from 20% of the clients. Attracting high end clients will impact your website design and marketing strategy.

High end clients don’t think and operate exactly the same as the typical client walking through the door. They care much more about the quality of the service than they do about the cost.

Let Price Reflect the Quality

Brioni makes the world’s most expensive men’s suits. Since 1995, they’ve been dressing James Bond. When the economy hit a severe downturn in 2008, Brioni decided to practice some reverse psychology on his clients by introducing the absolute highest quality – and highest priced – suits. Only 100 suits are made each year from the absolute best fabrics with white gold stitching. The cost? Upwards of $40,000. There is a waiting list.

If you want high end clients, remember that they don’t trust cheap anything. They may bargain a better price because they can, but quality is what closes the deal. Emphasize customer service, not price.

Special Clients Expect Special Perks

Special perks are essential for favored clients. Clients who provide a lot of business to the firm will expect to receive something that the average client doesn’t get. It doesn’t have to be monetarily valuable, but is something “more.” Put some thought into adding perceived value to the services provided to only a few clients.

In marketing, it’s a bit like a sandwich. Your normal services are the meat. Special bonuses are the bread on top and bottom, preceding and following the primary services the client needs. This may be something as small as stocking a particular brand of tea or scotch for a favored client.

Deliver Consistent and Superior Customer Service

This is what keeps a high end client coming back. They always have alternate choices if they’re unhappy. Harry Winston achieved fame as a jeweler to the rich and famous by never compromising on quality. He wouldn’t provide less than the best even if that’s what the client wanted and was respected for doing so.

A website reflects your brand. For high end clients, every detail must be perfect. It must function flawlessly at all times. Digital Marketing Lead Generation understands what it takes to generate qualified leads for your firm. They are Charlotte’s premier SEO agency.

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