Ad of the Month – It’s all about the Sizzle


by Dr Greg Chapman

There is an old saying in advertising – Sell the sizzle not the Steak. It’s all about building anticipation. The odour of the steak as it slowly cooks. The herbs and even the sizzle itself, heightening your senses to the point where you just can’t wait to take your first bite and finally savour the flavour.

Obviously in an ad, you can’t taste the steak, or even smell the odour, but you can hear the sizzle. This ad with Daniel Craig is an excellent example of selling the sizzle.

Craig takes his time in pouring the beer, watching and listening to it as it enters the glass, admires his handywork, and pauses before he takes his first sip to make sure all his senses, and yours, are engaged. Preparing himself for the ultimate taste bud experience. (I’m getting thirsty just writing this!)

What is the sizzle for your business? How can you heighten your customers’ anticipation?

May Your Business Be –As You Plan it!

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