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Why Dental Implants are Preferable Missing Teeth Substitutes When you’ve lost one or more teeth, this can affect function or appearance, or both, based on the affected area of your dental formula. There are many ways to resolve the problem, but dental implants in Denver are an effective remedy. Here is why dental implants are viewed as more effective than traditional approaches, such as dentures: Improvement on Quality of Life The appearance, function, and feel of dental implants is like that of natural teeth. With the implants, you can eat, talk, and smile normal. In addition, it is simple to care for dental implants the same way you do natural teeth because implants are permanent. Dental implants can also restore your self-esteem.
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Preservation of Facial Structures
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Missing teeth can result in bone resorption over time, which can lead to the deterioration of your jaw as well as facial structure. But implants help the jaw structures maintain integrity, preventing any section of the face from dropping. Conservation of the Adjacent Teeth Dental implants will protect adjacent teeth from any kind of compromise. If a missing tooth is replaced with a dental implant that comes with a crown and support bridge, the adjacent teeth will be protected. But traditional dentures are known to expose the adjacent teeth to eventual damage. Natural Look When you smile or laugh, no one can tell that you’ve got dental implants. This is not true for dentures, which can be spotted when the gum is revealed. Implants also offer a natural feel of stability when you’re eating, sneezing, or even laughing. No matter what you’re doing with your mouth, you’ll never have to worry about dental implants dropping because they’re bonded to the bone. When wearing dentures, there’s always the fear of embarrassment in case these fall when laughing or sneezing powerfully. However, when you have dental implants that are tightly set up, they start feeling normal with time, and you’re never reminded that they’re synthetic. Eating Well and With Convenience If you have dental implants, there’s no restriction as to the kind of food you can eat. You can use the teeth to comfortably crush anything, including nuts, meat, fruits, and vegetables. Some kind of foods are difficult to eat with dentures on, while the dentures themselves may be damaged, but dental implants pose no such concerns. Likewise implants mean you can eat any kind of food you want at a restaurant or in public without the need to remove them, which can be embarrassing in such circumstances. A dental implant specialist may review your oral health to figure out the type of remedy that suits you. But usually, dental implants are the more preferred, permanent replacement of missing teeth.

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