6 Great Reasons to Choose a Virtual Office in New York City

Shaun H. Ruff

New York City is a place of life and action. They say that it never sleeps and it is hard to argue with them. There is always something thrilling and creative happening in some bright corner. It is why so many entrepreneurs and business owners dream about making it big in the Big Apple. They know that, if they can be a success here, they can do anything.

Yet, having the dream is one thing. Turning it into a reality is quite another. The New York market is crowded, competitive, and hard to infiltrate. The small businesses that do get it right seem to be the ones who are adaptable and willing to change to meet the whims of consumers. This isn’t easy either, but keeping overheads low and profits high are the secret to success.

For all of these reasons, the rise of the virtual office is perhaps unsurprising. Here’s why it could be the ideal choice for your burgeoning business too.

A Corporate Brand

Whether you like it or not, big city investors are all about image. They won’t work with companies that don’t have a solid brand. With Servcorp Virtual Offices, you can benefit from a prestigious address at affordable prices. You can mingle with the executives on State Street and Park Avenue and pay a fraction of their rental fees.

Land and Expand

One of the biggest obstacles for all new businesses is future proofing. How do you minimise risk, while also making sure that you’ve got provisions in place for the next 2-5 years? It is, in many ways, an oxymoron. You’re planning for something that you haven’t built yet and cannot guarantee that you’ll need. Virtual offices negate this contradiction, by eschewing long-term leases. You pay for only what you consume and you can change how you access the corporate resources at any time.

A Running Start

If you can reduce the amount of time between finalising your brand and selling it, you’ll have a much better shot at surviving in the cutthroat New York market. With a virtual facility, there is no downtime. You can ‘move in’ and start using the internet, IT support, mailboxes, phone answering services, and more within minutes of signing up.

No Outages

There is no better situation for a small business than being able to benefit from state of the art resources and having none of the responsibility for their upkeep. You pay to access a corporate resource (the receptionist service, for instance). So, even if a problem occurs (the receptionist is sick), you still have a right to expect that resource to be available. You don’t have to deal with broadband outages, broken furniture, sick employees, or digital maintenance.

Conference Rooms

All high-quality virtual offices contain meeting spaces and conference rooms. The best ones provide access to sophisticated presentation tools as well. This might include a projector, a digital whiteboard, a television, speaker systems, and presenting software. For mobile entrepreneurs, these spaces are a great place to chat with important clients and sponsors.

Kind to the Environment

On top of all these other benefits, working from a virtual office is very green. Think about it. You’re sharing the space with lots of other people, instead of burning the same amount of power to heat and light a private workspace. You’ll also be drastically reducing your reliance on either public transport or fuel because visits will be made only when really needed.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Give Virtual a Go

If you’re never tried co-working before and the idea makes you a little nervous, remember that there’s no risk involved. Virtual facilities don’t require occupants to sign lock in deals. They’re very happy for cautious individuals to try out some basic services and get comfortable with the idea before they commit to sharing and streamlining.


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