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Why You Need Emotional Literacy Training Emotional intelligence encompasses a person’s ability to understand and recognize his/her own emotions and other people’s emotions and manage them in a positive way. It is a fact these days that almost all people are not assured to have the life they think is fulfilling enough and a happy and successful one even if they possess a high IQ or intelligence quotient. From different parts of the world, there are actually a lot of people who, though they may be very academically intelligent, are struggling with building personal relationships and even dealing with any type of person; in addition, they are also not that successful in the workplace. To have a successful life, you actually just do not need to have enough academic intelligence. Yes, because of your intelligence quotient you can find a lot of jobs and earn a lot of money; however, living your life will be quite impossible if you just rely on this. Emotional literacy and training are definitely two things that will help you build a successful career, attain your personal and career goals, and make lasting relationships with other people, especially if you want to live a successful and happy life. People who are emotionally literate or are emotionally intelligent are able to easily form connections with other people because they possess the ability to recognize not only their own emotional states but also other people’s emotional states. Because of these, it is of no surprise why these people simply live fulfilled lives because they easily get along with other people and communicate with them better and have also gained success in the workplace. It was specifically stated by one psychology expert that science in the past years has greatly discovered the huge role and influence a person’s emotions have on their lives. To live a happy and successful life, researchers have found out that a person’s emotions and being able to recognize them as well as being able to handle them weigh more than a person’s intelligence quotient. Self-regulation, self-awareness, motivation, social skills ,and empathy are five basic areas of emotional intelligence or emotional literacy. The first three areas are intra-personal areas which deals with a person’s ability to manage and know himself/herself. The last two areas, social skills and empathy, are more inter-personal and deals with a person’s ability to get along and interact with other people. Both intra-personal and inter-personal skills work hand-in-hand, that is, if you have good intra-personal skills then it definitely means that you will also have good inter-personal skills. Once both of these skills are mastered by you, then you will definitely live a life that is more successful, happier, better, and more fulfilled.What You Should Know About Training This Year

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