3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Starting a Podcast

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Hey, you. Yeah, you. We heard you were thinking about starting a podcast. Well, stop right there. Momma Bird, Priscilla McKinney, shares her top discoveries about starting a podcast in a hard-hitting Q & A with marketing genius, Peter Levitan.

Priscilla’s podcast, Ponderings from the Perch, has over 200 episodes devoted to content marketing, lead generation, branding, and design since 2015. Since then she has built her podcast from the ground up tackling questions such as, how do I generate content and what is success for a podcast really?

In addition to the questions mentioned above, Priscilla takes a trip down memory lane as she explains some of the ways she built her podcast to where it is today.

Read on for Priscilla’s top tips for starting a podcast:

1. Know Your Audience

Q: Peter – Who is your audience? Who are you trying to talk to?

A: Priscilla – First of all, if you’re going to start a podcast, really know your audience. Like you need to ask some questions of people that you think might listen and then pander to the audience. Do what they want.

My audience is really somebody who does not own the company but acts like it. I refer to my ideal client as C-Suite Stacy. She has a place at the table talking with a C-Suite. She can make effective decisions, but she is not encumbered by the ownership of the business. And what I mean by that is that I think you and I both know that when we talk with owners, it’s a very different experience than when we talk with people who can be slightly more detached from the baby.

2. Post Your Podcast to the Platform that Best Fits Your Strategy

Q: Peter – Well, let’s talk about Apple for a second. It is still the leading podcast platform. I have a website. I have a section called podcasts. That’s where I post my podcasts. That’s something I’m getting confused about, should I be pushing people to Apple for my podcast or should I be pushing them to my embedded player?

A: Priscilla – Well, it is really about the bigger picture strategy, because yes, if you were trying to go big as a name, Peter Levitan brand, which frankly you could, you probably want to really put a lot of eggs in the Apple basket. That’s how people find you. You would also then probably put a lot of strategy on people reviewing you on Apple podcasts.

And then the other side of that I’d say, “Well, you should put it everywhere.” I mean, we’re on Stitcher, we’re on our own website, we’ve used Buzzsprout in the past, we are on C-Suite Radio, we’re on Apple pod. I mean, just the list goes on and on.

I think the issue in digital marketing now is it needs to be everywhere, and you don’t want to lose an opportunity for it. But I do think there’s a very smart move of putting it on your website in audio format to index it properly. I could make an argument to not put it on Apple Podcast if you have your own audience and your own reach. The question has to be not, “where should you be?” but “what is your strategy?”

3. Remember, Pacing is Everything

Q: Peter – Is there any incredibly important point about podcasting you’d like to share?

A: Priscilla – The biggest thing for me, no matter what it is you do, is pace yourself. Because it’s not as simple as you think it is. It does take longer to get to market. It can create a stress if you’re saying, “Oh, I’m going to do this every week. Some people do it every day— Oh my gosh, I don’t know what they’re doing.” It took us a long time. We went from one a month, to two a month and kept building things up from there. So, I do think pace is really important.

Another aspect of pace is batch processing. I have nine interviews lined up on one day because I want to batch them all so I’m in the right frame of mind. I’m going to get really focused that day to create content. And then my team can go parse that out over time with automated marketing tools. It also leaves me less harried. And everybody knows if I’m in a better mental space.

Still looking to learn more from Priscilla and Peter? Listen to the complete interview here.


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