3 Money Chants To Bring Prosperity Into Your Life

Shaun H. Ruff

Money is a universal need. Almost everyone is trying hard to make more of it. Although the words money and “wealth” are often used interchangeably, most of us wise folks know that just having money is not enough for a satisfying life.

Our wealth (joy) comes from our happiness and joy in everyday things, simple hobbies which may never generate any money, raising children which actually drains money J, taking care of the elderly for good karma that we will be rewarded for when we get old and frail, etc.

Prosperity spells are very common. In the old days, prosperity meant a good marriage, lots of children, large farms, lots of animals, good weather, good crops, etc. Now prosperity means something completely different. No matter how much money we get, we spend it like there is no tomorrow and then complain that we don’t have enough.

The art of saving money is worth learning. If you look around the house, you can see all the stuff that you bought in the last few years, stuff that just sits there, mostly untouched after the first few days of possession.

So the next time you see a gadget or a dress in the store, think of how many times you will be using it and pass it buy if you really can live without it! A penny not spent is a dime saved – by virtue of compound interest 🙂

If you are planning to do money spells and incantations, also learn to stop the leaky bucket by putting in several bottlenecks to spending money. Think not just twice, but as many times as you need to say NO to spending.

This is the best way to live wisely and stay out of debt. Some people feel wealthy with a 1000 dollar paycheck. Some people still wish for more money even if they have 10,000 paycheck. Happiness does not depend on the amount of money we earn, but on the money we keep.

Here are some chants that will help you get money.

The ancient Egyptians used the hieroglyph of a tadpole to represent the highest number they knew. Frogs are also considered to be the symbols of increase and generation of money.

To increase money coming into your household, fill a plate with real coins. Get a small statue of a frog and place it over the coins.

Prepare some Money Drawing powder by grinding the following:
dried Allspice
dried Cinnamon
dried Myrrh
dried Orange Zest
dried Patchouli
dried Vetiver

Sprinkle some of the money drawing powder on the frog and the coins. Also sprinkle some magnetic sand over the frog and the coins. Place the plate under your bed with the frog facing the door. Sprinkle with more powder every week. Remember to watch your pets or any children if they happen to crawl under the bed.

Every morning, say out loud: A money miracle happens to me today!

Horseshoe ritual

To make Magnetic oil, follow these instructions:
Place seven lodestones in a mason jar. Sprinkle them with magnetic sand. Cover the lodestones with a blend of sweet almond and jojoba oils.

Cover the jar and place it outside for seven days so that the oil will get charged by the Sun and the Moon energies.

Once a day, pick up the jar and swirl around the contents. After seven days, strain the oil and transfer it to other bottles.

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